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Fennel is a highly prized for its therapeutic properties and Fennel tea is often used as a natural remedy. Being highly aromatic, Fennel is also delicious to cook with and has been used throughout the ages to add flavor to food.

Whether it's aches and pains, embarrassing breath, oily skin or mental fatigue you're suffering versatile fennel can help. All parts of the plant are aromatic, although the highly prized essential oil is derived from the ripened seed. Fennel Tea is made from an infusion of the seeds.

Ancient Herbal Remedy

In ancient Greece, fennel seeds were eaten by Olympic athletes in the belief that they would increase stamina and promote longevity. Fennel is also traditionally eaten with salted fish during Lent. This combination fulfilled the dual action of helping to prevent flatulence and making the fish more digestible. By the 17th century, fennel had acquired a reputation as a slimming aid, fennel seed was chewed to relieve hunger pains.

Fennel is extremely versatile and has a number of healing benefits.

Herbal practitioners today prescribe Fennel tea mixtures for ailments such as long-term constipation and diarrhoea, indigestion, flatulence, urinary disorders, coughs and bronchitis, and for its ability to increase the flow of milk in breastfeeding mothers.

Applied as an eye lotion or compressed, cooled fennel seed tea is helpful for minor eye complaints such as irritation and morning puffiness. It is also beneficial for treating bruises, dull and oily skin, gum infections, bad breath, cellulite, muscular and rheumatic pain, digestive upsets, menopausal symptoms and PMS.

Fennel tea is well known for its ability to reduce bloat and relax the intestines caused by digestive disorders. Fennel is a common ingredient in gripe water used to help babies with colic and flatulence.

Fennel For Menopause Symptom Relief

Fennel contains a variety of phytonutirents such as anethole This is the main component of fennel oil and seems to have natural hormone-like actions (phytoestrogen). For this reason it has been used through the ages in certain cultures as a tonics that support the female reproductive system. It has been used for menstrual difficulties, bloating, ovarian disorders, and hot flashes. Many women use Fennel Tea as part of their natural remedies for menopause rather than synthetic or commercial estrogens. Care must be taken in the consumption of fennel oil. It is safe, as long as it is derived from the edible seed.

How To Prepare Fennel Tea

To prepare fennel tea, take one-cup boiling water and pour over one to two teaspoons crushed fennel seeds. Let stand for ten minutes and then drain.

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