Management of Peri Menopause and Early Menopause Help

Peri menopause or the early menopause stages can be quite a frightening experience. There may be relief in the fact that your periods are ending but it can also invoke a fear of old age catching up. Although it's tempting to think of menopause as a disease and treat it with hormones (HRT) there are other more natural options available to try before you go rushing for the hormone replacement therapy.

Natural Remedies For Peri Menopause

  1. Review your diet and make the necessary lifestyle adjustments (easier said than done but well worth it for your health in general). The best diet contains organic fruit and vegetables, with some fish and meat, and minimal or no fast food and processed food.
  2. Coffee and alcohol intake should be minimal and smoking should be avoided. Avoid partially hydrogenated oils and margarine made from those oils. Minimize your sugar intake as well as and other refined carbohydrates because they are highly processed.
  3. Make sure you stay hydrated. Listen to your body and drink water frequently during the day. This also helps with hot flashes.
  4. Regular exercise is essential to help increase energy levels and beat the awful feeling of fatigue and improve hot flashes which are common symptoms of menopause. Even a brisk 10 - minute walk is better than nothing. Hormone yoga therapy has become extremely popular as an effective exercise during menopause.
  5. Restore or maximize the health of receptor sites using essential fatty acids and other nutrients such as vitamin A (skin and mucous membranes), B vitamins, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, vitamins D and E, calcium and magnesium.
  6. Restore and maximize the health of the liver and bowels with nutrients such as pro-bioitics, glutamine and digestive enzyme supplements.
  7. Consider herbal products that influence and support the body’s own intrinsic hormonal supply. These include black cohosh, chaste tree, macca, dong quai, yarrow, sarsparilla and wild yam.
  8. If all the above are in place and hormones still seem necessary then Bio-identical hormones should be considered.

Peri menopause should not be seen as a crisis but rather as a change that requires special care. You can gain good control of your early menopause by optimising your health, especially of your bowel, blood and liver.

You can also make sure that the receptor sites for hormone function are not being distorted by synthetic hormones, xenoestrogens and other pollutants. Ensure that you are getting all the nutrients required for optimal function and find strategies for dealing with stress creatively.

Natural bio-identical hormones do have their place but don't always have to be the first choice during peri menopause.

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